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Let us help you live A Playful Life

Our mission is to inspire others to travel more, and teach people how to live happier and healthier lives through our Playful Life courses.

Our Story.  In April of 2015 we sold off all of our stuff with the exception of our surfboards, climbing gear, hiking shoes, and outdoors supplies and moved into a tiny, cozy little motorhome.  That spring and summer we traveled beyond the depths of our backyard that is San Diego, California, on toward the Pacific North West.  Oregon and Washington became some of our favorite places in the world for their amazing sport climbing, stunning hikes, and frigid waters.  We drove up to Vancouver, Canada and ferried across the the channel to Vancouver island and surfed the swell-rich coast that lies next to the beautiful temperate rainforest of the island.  In May of 2016 we traveled down to Central America and went from border to border of Costa Rica soaking up the tropics and scoring some great waves along the way.  We then flew across the Atlantic and spent six months wandering through Western Europe in search of nature.  We started by tent camping in Norway, Ireland, and Germany before picking up a camper in Holland and exploring the UK to Croatia and everything in between.  After revisiting Pavones, Costa Rica, we’re now traveling up through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, and Idaho.  Later this year we’ll vagabond through Southern France and Spain, surfing and climbing.  See where we are here. Then, at the start of 2018 we’re taking a Pacific adventure to Hawaii, New Zealand, and Bali.

TEACH ME HOW TO LIVE A PLAYFUL LIFEFree email course to help you add more fun & excitement to your life.



Do You Like To Have Fun?

If you want to live A Playful Life, you've come to the right place!

  • Be Confident

    Feel awesome about yourself, because the actions you do every day are AWESOME.  Know exactly what you want and the steps you can take to get there.

  • Feel Electric

    Get back the SPRING in your step & turn heads because your body is vibrating at such a high frequency that people can’t help but notice your LOVE OF LIFE.

  • Wake With Zest

    No more overwhelm or confusion.  Wake up excited to start each day because you know exactly what your intention is and how you are going to get there.

  • Give Love

    Be able to show your family how special they are to you because you’ve learned how to fulfill your needs and now you have the energy and patience to give back and fill their tanks.

TEACH ME HOW TO LIVE A PLAYFUL LIFEFree email course to help you add more fun & excitement to your life.
I WANT TO PLAY BETTERFree email course to learn the 5 principles to improve your play!

Courses To Create A Playful Life...

Wake Up Excited To Start Each Day!


Know Your Why and Have A Plan


Get An Exercise Program That Works


Put The Right Food In Your Body


Give Your Kid An Edge In Sports & Life

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Living A Playful Life...

  • WHAT: It’s waking up excited to start each day because you know what brings you happiness and you have the physical capability & mindset to make it happen.
  • WHY: When you create a life that aligns with your values and isn’t conditioned by others expectations or your own excuses, you live each day feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your physical, mental, and emotional well being. Live without regrets.
  • HOW: Create the right mindset with THINK TO PLAY. Learn to exercise smarter with MOVE TO PLAY. Get leaner and feel better with EAT TO PLAY. Put all 3 together for a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Let Me Help You Live A Playful Life!

Hey, I'm Robyn and I love to play.  Whether it's jumping out of bed and following a new hiking trail, paddling out into the ocean, skating around our campground, lacing up my shoes and going for a run, riding my bike along the bay, or climbing a rock, movement is the priority of my day.  Well, that and eating really good food that keeps me able to play.  The best part is that I have five kids who love to eat and play with me.  I know what you're thinking?  Who has time for play?  Between work, kids, practices, there's not enough time for fun!  I can relate.  Trust me on this one though, life's too short to put your goals and desires on the back burner.  You can be a great parent, have a career, and still have fun every day.  Let me show you how!

A Playful Life Requires Strength!

I love lifting iron, but it's because I do more than just lift heavy weights that I can feel better today than I ever did in my 20's and 30's. I've been able to take my passion for making people stronger and combine it with a lot of other elements to create programs for men & women that get them enjoying their hobbies and performing their sports better than they ever though was possible.  Nothing is more important to me than my family and in an era where raising a family doesn't always define success, I think finding a way to take care of yourself, challenge yourself, and still nurture the ones you love is the cornerstone of success. My programs are designed to help men and women be stronger, more athletic, and leaner because the better you feel, the better you can take care of those you love. - Victor