1000 Miles of Memories: How to plan your next EPIC road trip with your family (and maintain your sanity).

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you why road trips are so much fun and why they create the most memorable experience for your family, as well as give you all the necessary knowledge and how-tos to plan your own amazing adventure.

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In this EGuide You Will Discover...

  • Find Out Why Road Trips Rock

    Robyn shares with you why road trips are so fun and what to expect while on the road.

  • 6 Road Trips Pre Planned For You

    Robyn created six trips, each approximately 1000 miles, that you can use to instantly plan your next family road trip.

  • Learn How to Plan Your Own Road Trip

    Robyn teaches you the 10 steps she uses to plan her own awesome road trips and walks you through each step.

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Robyn crosses every "T" and dots every "I".  This is an all inclusive guide and everything is considered.  You will be excited to hit the road and start making memories with your family after reading this guide.

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