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Start With A Workout Program That Has It All... Strength, Flexibility, & Injury Prevention

An exercise program great for moms, dads, and teens that will help you perform your sports better and play more while taking care of the aches and pains that tend to creep in as we age.

This program has everything you need to know to develop strength, lose weight, improve your sports performance, rehab injuries, and heal aches and pains.  It starts with a three-week learning phase where you watch Victor give a complete description of how to execute the most important lifts in the weight room that will get you stronger and help you perform your sports better.  Then it moves into an eight-week program to integrate everything you learn in the video tutorials. If you already have a strong base in weight training and just need a program to follow, then you can jump right into the eight-week program.

The best part of VCS eight week complete puzzle is that the workouts are very time efficient and include three key elements of a good workout program-- strength training, injury rehab/prevention, and multi-plane movement patterns (primal).  Even better, VCS includes yoga videos that the entire family can do together. Not only will you feel better by doing these short yoga sequences, your kids will learn to practice mindfulness, connect with their breath, and find time to set intentions for themselves. It is a wonderful bonding experience for our family!

Access All Six Courses Now

Vic’s coaching series in incredibly impressive.  He is a professional and knows the science behind sports and physical fitness and has an uncanny ability to explain all of the small details and answer questions before I could even ask.

I don’t love being in a gym but I enjoyed his workouts as they were focused and varied considerably each week.  I could also get in and out of the gym in 30 minutes if I really concentrated.  I grew much stronger, leaner and my aches and pains were mostly absent.  I was able to keep up my volume of running and swimming and improved my performance in both.

Kristina Cook, Competitive Endurance Athlete

Vic's Coaching Series is An Amazing Resource, But...It Gets Even Better

With A Playful Family You Also Get These Exercise Programs

Give Your Child An Edge In Any Sport

Teach Your Child Tumbling or Use This Course To Supplement Your Child's Athletic Development

Working Out and Exercising is GREAT!  But It's Not Enough To Create The Bigger Picture Of WELLNESS.  That's Why We Added Courses on Nutrition & Mindset

Take The Confusion Out Of Feeding Your Family & Teach  Them How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Food

And Last, My Favorite Course...
This Is Where Dreamers Become Doers

If You Are Looking To...

  • Develop strong and coordinated children who enjoy exercise and movement.
  • Help your teens create healthy exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness habits that they will use for a lifetime.
  • Set a good example of taking care of yourself and will Be who you want your kids to be.
  • Have energy to do all the things that are important to you and a body that is ready to play and be adventurous.
  • Be inspired with Robyn's book A Playful Life: How to Think, Move, and Eat Your Way to More Fun!
  • Get more out of your current exercise program and improve your performance in your sports.
  • Create a relationship with your kids that centers around living a healthy life of good food and lots of movement.
Access All Six Courses Now