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We are a vagabonding family.  But we are not your typical family. For starters we have five kids making travel a little more hectic.  We also sold all our stuff and moved into our thirty foot motorhome to travel.  Well, not all our stuff…we kept our surfboards, climbing gear, and any other camping/hiking gear that would fit. We love adventure and the outdoors and that’s what all our travels center around.  We just finished up a six month road trip through Europe (in an even smaller RV), but we liked it because it’s was an upgrade from the tent we were living out of the first five weeks we got there.  We were so cold in Europe that we had to finish off the year in Oahu to warm up our bones, catch some waves, and watch Pipe Masters.  Before Europe, we spent a month surfing and hiking in Costa Rica and the year before (2105), we traveled around the western U.S. in our motorhome, testing our newly learned rock climbing skills and racking up over a hundred miles hiking in just two months!

We weren't always this crazy!

We (Robyn and Victor) met in high school.  While still in college, we opened Island Tumble, a gymnastics studio, and Genesis Fitness, a personal training facility, way back in 1997, 3 months before we got married. We were still in college at the time, but we loved exercise and working with children and saw an opportunity and went for it.  Nineteen years and five kids later we are still having fun teaching exercise to kids and adults alike, but we realized we could only affect a small percentage of people just working one on one so we have designed this website in hopes to inspire more people to live healthfully, enjoy the process of parenting, and to chase their dreams.  In addition to running Island Tumble and Genesis Fitness, we have homeschooled our children for the past 11 years.  We love the impact we have had on our own children and want to help encourage anyone who has the same desire to educate their own children to be able to.

We love San Diego, but time is ticking!

We love the business we have and we lived in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but we saw our life flying by too quickly and realized that before we knew it our kids would be grown and off on their own adventure.  So we decided to create a big adventure for them to remember their childhood by.  We sold almost everything we owned, bought a 30 foot motorhome and started taking long road trips.  Check out our vagabonding blogs for more info on the places we visited.  We aren't trying to traumatize our kids or say everyone should live in such a nonconventional way.  We just love to explore, seek out adventure, and be outdoors.  We love the lessons our kids are learning along the way.  And we are glad you will be a part of the next chapter of our life!

To Be Honest, We're Dirtbags

Work With Us

Meet Robyn

Robyn is a lot of things but boring and normal are not one of them.  We tend to joke around that Robyn doesn't fit into any category because she is all them- hipster, climber, surfer, runner, entrepreneur, foodie, yogi, coffee addict, and mother of five.  Yes, she is a little crazy.  But if that's what it takes to live a life like her's, then bring it on.  She is persistent and ambitious which has led her create this nomadic life.  In fact, she is so ambitious that you should be careful about mentioning new travel destinations in front of her.  When she gets something in her head, it's going to happen.  She has always been an athlete and sports are what push her to lead a healthy and playful life.

Meet Victor

Meet the "Meat Head".  This guy loves lifting iron.  We've tried converting him into a hipster, a surfer, a climber, and a hiker (and sure he enjoys the time outdoors spent with his family) but his passion lies in the weight room.  It only takes a few minutes of meeting Victor to pick up on how genuine, kind, and compassionate he is (the Sorting Hat at Hogwarts would definitely put him in the Hufflepuff House) and these traits are what set him up to be your go-to guy when you need guidance and accountability in your own strength and fitness program design.

Meet Daniel

"Run, Forest, Run!"  Daniel (age 17) is our runner and writer.  The irony is that he didn't like running or writing when he was younger (check out his website for his back story) he didn't like to do either one.  Now his days revolve around his running training schedule, writing his next book, and taking online writing courses.  At age 16, he ran his first ultra marathon race, a 50 Kilometer trail run in Pacifica, California.  He is currently training for a 50 Mile Race in San Francisco this April.

Meet Gabi

Gabi (age 16) is our surfer, rock climber, writer, and dreamer (yeah, she takes after her mom!).  Her first passion is seeking out waves, which has led us to some pretty cool locations around the world.  She now lead climbs most of our routes.  Her incredible research skills have taken us to some incredible off-the-beaten-path locations on our travels.  Gabi is also the web designer, copy editor, design editor, and social media coordinator for our Nomads With A Purpose business.

Meet Isabelle

Isabelle (age 13) is like the wind, and enjoys flowing with the currents.  Though she'll do whatever, her heart lies on the trail.  Isabelle loves to hike and leads the way on all our trail adventures.  Don't let her calm exterior deceive you.  Her mind is a whirlwind of creativity, which has led her to be an incredible charcoal artist.  Her drawings can be seen here.  She is also the official photographer for the surfers in the family as well as many of the photos on our travels.

Meet Jiraiya

A.K.A. "Mogli" (from The Jungle Book),  Jiraiya (age 8) is all passion and energy... finding ways to funnel that energy in a constructive way is always a challenge when traveling in confined spaces.  But what better way to unleash a kid's energy then to show them the great outdoors.  Though Jiraiya can be difficult when it comes to getting him to hike, once he's in nature, there's no stopping him, as is the reason his cargo pants are always ripping.  Though he's got a fear of heights, the kid is a great climber and we hope, eventually, by nudging him up the rock, his fear will disappear.  Due to his energy, strength, and love of dirt, we know one day he will be a master adventurer.

Meet Tatiana

Tati (age 6) is an insanely passionate, independent, and creative kid.  We always say "that girl will move mountains," however, I think it's more likely she'll climb them due to her upbringing.  Getting Tati to hike is CHALLENGING.  But we cut her some slack, because she has hiked more than 100 miles in her life, which is probably more than her little legs can handle.  Tati wants to do everything the older girls do in this family so we will not be surprised when she becomes a proficient climber and surfer.  But until then, I think her cuteness will get her by.

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