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What is A Playful Life Title

Moms Want To Have Fun Too!

I love trifecta days.  I jump out of bed excited for trifecta days! Those are the days when I get to do three sports in…

Living A Playful Life Title

Living A Playful Life

In this episode of Be The Victor, Victor interviews his toughest critic, his wife, Robyn.  They discuss Robyn’s latest book, A Playful Life and what…

Health Benefits of Nature Blog

Health Benefits of Nature: Get Outdoors Already!

    Sure, getting fresh air is good for your health, but how important is it really?  Victor shares some science behind the health benefits…

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The Benefits of Yoga

  Why all the fuss all of a sudden over yoga? Is this a keeper or just latest trend in the fitness industry?  Considering yoga…

Improving Adrenal Fatigue

  Adrenal fatigue can be so frustrating.  Victor knows.  It took him two years to fully recover from adrenal exhaustion and we wish someone had…

finding wellness in Zion

What Is Wellness and Why Should You Have It?

I love helping others create wellness in their lives.  Fitness? Not so much.  I know it seems strange considering that I’ve been in the fitness…