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Guide to Surfing the California Coast Blog Title

Guide to Surfing the California Coast

California. The birthplace of modern surf culture. All the stereotypes are true. People say “dude” too many times in a conversation with a heavy California…

15 Best Adventures in Northern Spain

15 Best Adventures in Northern Spain

Northern Spain is Europe’s best-kept secret.  You could spend your whole life here and never experience every adventure. Everywhere you look, there’s a new trail…

11 week summer adventure road trip blog

Our 11-Week Summer Adventure Road Trip: 5000 Miles of Memories

The U.S. and Canada have some pretty amazing mountain ranges to explore. Whether we were hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking, it seemed like we…

Blog Titile for adventure road trip Switzerland

Adventure Road Trip Switzerland: Bern to Belwald

Switzerland is a must-see for anyone who loves mountains.  The mountains here are unreal!  There are so many great places for outdoor adventures that it’s…

Rock Climbing City of Rocks Title

Climbing City of Rocks: Climbers Guide to 5.8 Routes

  City of Rocks is a must do for any rock climber.  Since we climb at new locations on a regular basis, we are always…

Epic Day Hikes in Sawtooth Title

Best Day Hikes in the Sawtooth Range, Idaho

The Sawtooths of Idaho just might be our favorite mountain in America.  The national forest contains hundreds of hiking possibilities and unlike neighboring mountain ranges…

Best Creamy Treats around the World

The Best Creamy Treats Around the World

Though we’re obsessed with being active, who doesn’t love a cold and delicious treat after long days on the crag, relentless hikes, or hours in…

Rock Climbing Trail Creek Road: Sun Valley, Idaho

Family Rock Climbing Trail Creek Road: Sun Valley, Idaho

It’s amazing how much wilderness Idaho has that doesn’t get used! This local secret is a perfect rock climbing adventure for your whole family.  The…

Adventurer's Day Hiking Guide to Lake Louise Title

Adventurer’s Day Hiking Guide to Lake Louise, Banff National Park: Lake Agnes, Devil’s Thumb, and Plain of Six Glaciers 

Calling all adventurists, want-to-be adventurists, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers.  In one of the most famous national parks in the world, Banff National park, is…

The Best Day Hike in the French Pyrenees Title

Best Day Hike French Pyrenees: Cirque de Gavarnie

Hidden among the many villages of the French Pyrenees is an amazing region of hiking trails, the most popular sight including the largest waterfall in…

Mountain Biking and Hiking the Peter Scene Ogden Trail Oregon Title

Mountain Biking & Hiking the Peter Skene Ogden Trail, Central Oregon

Hidden across the highway from the more well known Cascade Lakes Highway, with profound lakes, forests, and views of the Three Sisters and Broken Top…

Why We Love Pavones Title

Why We Love Pavones

Why would anyone drive 8 hours from San Jose when there are so many closer surf destinations in Costa Rica?  I was reluctant to write…

The Best Day Hike in Yosemite (And Doesn't Require A Permit)

The Best Day Hike in Yosemite (And Doesn’t Require A Permit)

  Though I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries and hiked more than 400 miles, I had no idea that one of the most amazing…

Planning A Trip To Pavones Title

Planning A Trip To Pavones

  There are few places in the world that compare to the nature and beauty of Pavones in Costa Rica.  Pavones is not on a…

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Why You Should Visit Wales

I’m positive it was a sign from the universe that when we crossed the bridge from England into Wales, we happened to catch a glorious…