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Why We Love Pavones Title

Why We Love Pavones

Why would anyone drive 8 hours from San Jose when there are so many closer surf destinations in Costa Rica?  I was reluctant to write…

Planning A Trip To Pavones Title

Planning A Trip To Pavones

  There are few places in the world that compare to the nature and beauty of Pavones in Costa Rica.  Pavones is not on a…

reasons to visit Arenal and Monte vErde, Costa Rica

Best National Park Costa Rica: Arenal or Monte Verde?

When I was planning our surf trip to Costa Rica I was very excited to also visit the National Parks.  I had a hard time…

where to surf in Costa Rica

4 Amazing Costa Rica Surfing Beaches

This past May (2016) our family went on a twenty-five day surfing trip to Costa Rica. I love road trips and decided to make a…