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VanLifers Trapped in an RV blog title

Living the #VanLife With A Big Family

We sleep on forest roads as often as possible. We get stoked upon finding a huge pullout to sleep at. We get lost in the…

Nomad Life: Being Time Rich and Experience Driven

Nomad Life: Time Rich and Experience Driven

Oh, you poor thing, you live in an RV with your kids, I’m so sorry.  These are common thoughts when I tell people that our…

How to Live The Good life: Finding Balance Between Play, Health, and Fitness

How to Live The Good life: Finding Balance Between Play, Health, and Fitness

  You know the recipe…eat well, exercise, practice gratitude, and manage your stress.  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.  Or is it?  If we know the recipe for The Good…

how to live an adventurous life

10 Tips For Living A More Adventurous Life

We weren’t always this adventurous. In fact, we used to not even camp!!! For the first twelve years of our marriage, our vacations always revolved…

Gift Ideas For Your Adventure & Wellness Mama

Whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, or just to show appreciation for the adventure/wellness mama in your life, these are my favorite things that all…

Outdoorsy Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide For the Want-To-Be Adventurer

Do you stare longingly at photos of epic mountainscapes, beautiful forests, and gorgeous waterfalls?  Do you look at travel blogs and say, “I wish I…

purposely getting lost title

Purposely Getting Lost

  Hell ya! I was thinking as I banked around the last bend of the paved bike path and saw the bar on the opposite…

11 week summer adventure road trip blog

Our 11-Week Summer Adventure Road Trip: 5000 Miles of Memories

The U.S. and Canada have some pretty amazing mountain ranges to explore. Whether we were hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking, it seemed like we…

We Lost Our Passports (For One Day)

We Lost Our Passports (For One Day)

Living a nomadic lifestyle has its merits. No two days are ever the same, I see parts of the world at one time I only…

Meet Daniel Blog Title
8 Ways to Support Nomads Title || Adventure Travel Family

8 Ways To Support Nomads

Technology is quickly changing the rules on how we shop, interact, and make a living. If your job doesn’t require these new advances in technology,…

Raising Healthy Kids Title || Raise Your Kids To Be Strong in the Mind and Body

Raising Healthy Kids

Victor gives you six tip on how to raise healthy kids.  We are fighting a force much bigger than ourselves when it comes to raising…

Family Adventure Travel Title || From Resortist to Adrenaline Junkie

Family Adventure Travel: Going From Resortist to Adrenaline Junkie

When you plan your family vacations, what are you looking for?  Do you need rest and relaxation?  Do you search out the best food?  Do…

Health Benefits of Nature Blog

Health Benefits of Nature: Get Outdoors Already!

    Sure, getting fresh air is good for your health, but how important is it really?  Victor shares some science behind the health benefits…

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Living A Nomadic Lifestyle: 10 Weird Things We Do

Being a dirtbag and constantly living out of a recreational vehicle ingrains a deep subconscious reaction to the wasting of water (It’s like nails on…