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Think To Play: How to Wake Up Excited For Each Day, Title

Think To Play: How To Wake Up Excited For Each Day

Victor brings Robyn back on his podcast to interview her on her latest book, A Playful Life, to talk about how her Think to Play…

Meet Daniel Blog Title
8 Ways to Support Nomads Title || Adventure Travel Family

8 Ways To Support Nomads

Technology is quickly changing the rules on how we shop, interact, and make a living. If your job doesn’t require these new advances in technology,…

Raising Healthy Kids Title || Raise Your Kids To Be Strong in the Mind and Body

Raising Healthy Kids

Victor gives you six tip on how to raise healthy kids.  We are fighting a force much bigger than ourselves when it comes to raising…

Family Adventure Travel Title || From Resortist to Adrenaline Junkie

Family Adventure Travel: Going From Resortist to Adrenaline Junkie

When you plan your family vacations, what are you looking for?  Do you need rest and relaxation?  Do you search out the best food?  Do…

What is A Playful Life Title

What is A Playful Life And Why Live One?

A Playful Life is about waking up excited to start each day. It’s knowing what will make you happy and fulfilled, but most importantly, having…

Living A Playful Life Title

Living A Playful Life

In this episode of Be The Victor, Victor interviews his toughest critic, his wife, Robyn.  They discuss Robyn’s latest book, A Playful Life and what…

Health Benefits of Nature Blog

Health Benefits of Nature: Get Outdoors Already!

    Sure, getting fresh air is good for your health, but how important is it really?  Victor shares some science behind the heath benefits…

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Living A Nomadic Lifestyle: The Weird Things We Do

Being a dirtbag and constantly living out of a recreational vehicle ingrains a deep subconscious reaction to the wasting of water (It’s like nails on…

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5 Steps To Planning A Trip

I love traveling, but I almost like planning our next travel adventures even more.  It actually borders on an addiction.  While on a three-week California…

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The Benefits of Yoga Practice

Why all the fuss all of a sudden over yoga? Is this a keeper or just latest trend in the fitness industry?  Considering yoga has…

traveling through Europe

Why I Suck At Traveling: Easy Steps You Can Take To Make It More Enjoyable

  Victor and his family traveled to 15 different countries and drove 10,000 miles with only what they could carry on their backs.   Even…

saw money to travel, nomads with a purpose, family travel, traveling with kids

How To Save Money to Travel

One of the first things people ask me when I tell them we traveled through Europe for six months is, “How?”  Quickly followed by… “How…

what is a dirtbag nomadswithapurpose

Why I’m Raising My Kids To Be Dirtbags

A dirtbag is a vague term.  Anyone who lives in a way that travel, meaning most people who are full-time travelers, or movements, such as rock climbing,…

downsizing to an R.V.

Living in an RV and Traveling (with 5 kids) is Freaking Awesome

I realize living in an RV and traveling with kids is not on most people’s bucket list and for good reason.  It’s challenging and requires…