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Think To Play: How to Wake Up Excited For Each Day, Title

Think To Play: How To Wake Up Excited For Each Day

Victor brings Robyn back on his podcast to interview her on her latest book, A Playful Life, to talk about how her Think to Play…

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Raising Healthy Kids Title || Raise Your Kids To Be Strong in the Mind and Body

Raising Healthy Kids

Victor gives you six tip on how to raise healthy kids.  We are fighting a force much bigger than ourselves when it comes to raising…

How To Fix Low Back Pain Title

How To Fix Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be very frustrating.  Not only does it hurt, but it prevents you from doing the things you love and limits you…

Living A Playful Life

In this episode of Be The Victor, Victor interviews his toughest critic, his wife, Robyn.  They discuss Robyn’s latest book, A Playful Life and what…

Health Benefits of Nature Blog

Health Benefits of Nature: Get Outdoors Already!

    Sure, getting fresh air is good for your health, but how important is it really?  Victor shares some science behind the health benefits…

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Supplements You Should Take

Victor goes over six supplements you should take to get better results.  Before you get started taking expensive supplements, realize that you can’t outrun bad eating…

be the victor, strength training for runners, strength training for endurance athletes, runners strength, training for runners, endurance athletes, training for endurance athletes

Strength Training For Endurance Athletes

Strength training can make a huge difference for endurance athletes.  In this podcast, Victor goes over three effective strength training exercises that prevent injury, improve…

healthy foods, how to lose weight, best foods for building muscle, grass fed beef

Eat Like A Man: Healthy Eating Strategies That Work

Healthy eating in can make the difference in athletic performance and fitness goals. Learn some simple strategies that have helped Victor’s clients.  Healthy eating is…

traveling through Europe

Why I Suck At Traveling: Easy Steps You Can Take To Make It More Enjoyable

  Victor and his family traveled to 15 different countries and drove 10,000 miles with only what they could carry on their backs.   Even…

strength training for jiu jitsu

Strength Training for Jiu Jitsu

  Do you want to have an edge on the mats?  Strength training is your best bet for gaining that edge.  Sure everyone tells you…

powerlifting, deadlift

Powerlifting For Everyone

  Everyone should lift weights in order to become the strongest athlete they can be, but not everyone should compete in the sport of powerlifting.…

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Which Client Are You?

  Victor shares insight into different personality types and the types of exercise habits they should use to be successful. Using ficticious clients, Victor gives…