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Family Rock Climbing Trail Creek Road: Sun Valley, Idaho

Rock Climbing Trail Creek Road: Sun Valley, Idaho

It’s amazing how much wilderness Idaho has that doesn’t get used! This local secret is a perfect rock climbing adventure for your whole family.  The routes are easy, top-roped, and have some of the most incredible views in the Valley.  Plus it has amazing free camping.

This local gem is still in the works, as at the time of writing this, there are only 5 TR routes and one Sport route.

Not to mention the fact that this place has AMAZING free camping like the rest of Idaho state!Click To Tweet The place doesn’t exist in climbing books and we have the Elephant Perch mountain store to thank for the discovery.

It all started when we were searching for a climbing area and stopped by Mountaintop Sports for climbing beta.  We ask a guy and he says, “Hold on, let me call my roommate.  He’s a big climber.”  He calls him then sends us over to The Elephant’s Perch, another mountain store, where we find the roommate who is quite excited to tell us all about the climbing area.  He says this climbing area is good for kids so we’re all in.  He tells us about a small dirt road but we’re thinking, please, we’ve driven worse.  We had no idea we’d get to go climb on a mountainside with epic views in all directions and little more than a small dirt road.


This rock climbing place is great for kids because though it involves five minutes of scree scrambling, the approach is easy, you can top-rope the routes, and the routes are fun and easy enough for kids and adults.Click To Tweet

To get there, take Sun Valley Road east out of Sun Valley. After five or six miles the road becomes a one lane dirt road that definitely doesn’t require 4wd (we took our 2wd motorhome up it just fine). About 6 more miles and you’ll see Park Creek Campground on your left than only a mile further you’ll see a left turn called Little Fall Creek Road on your left (AKA forest road 502). 


For the first few minutes the road is fine with 2wd but after you see a large pullout on your right, which is an absolutely epic free campsite, you’ll need 4wd. The coordinates for the campsite are about 43.849566, -114.250343 .

Family Rock Climbing in Sun Valley: Trail Creek Road
Family Rock Climbing in Sun Valley: Trail Creek Road
Family Rock Climbing in Sun Valley: Trail Creek Road

Two miles on this road and you’ll see the mountains appear in front of you. Park at any pullout within those two miles. The further you go the worse the road gets so it’s up to you (and your car) to decide how close to park. Once you walk to the end of the road where it crosses the creek (at these coordinates: 43.862470, -114.261002 ), walk right up the scree.


Family Rock Climbing in Sun Valley: Trail Creek Road

Parking and walking the rest

The slab-like face directly in front of you is the top rope wall. Walk up the scree on the left side of the face to top rope the routes. The left-most route is easiest to TR and each route further gets harder to TR. All five routes are about 5.6 to 5.9. 

Family Rock Climbing in Sun Valley: Trail Creek Road

Routes photo courtesy of The Elephant’s Perch guy

The one sport route is accessed by going up the scree but heading west instead of going straight up, there is a cairn at the base of the wall. You can walk between the two walls really easily. From the TR (top-rope) wall you’ll see a gravelly climbers trail right by the belay spot for the first two routes. The route is about a 5.7 but has only three bolts over 60-70 feet which ends at anchors with rappel rings. Easy and fun but run out. 


Family Rock Climbing in Sun Valley: Trail Creek Road

This is an epic place to camp so don’t forget your camping gear!  We loved how secluded it was on our last road trip!  Read our featured article Why Family Rock Climbing Vacations ROCK! and start planning your next rock climbing trip.

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