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Health Benefits of Nature: Get Outdoors Already!


Sure, getting fresh air is good for your health, but how important is it really?  Victor shares some science behind the health benefits of nature and what you can do to get these benefits in your everyday life.   His tips for planning your next camping trip will leave you inspired and confident to spend a night without high thread count sheets or twenty-minute hot showers.Health Benefits of Nature Blog

In this podcast, Victor relates how hard camping was for him at first.   He encourages you to break free from the routine and monotony of the work-rest cycle and discover a new form of wellness.   Being in nature can prevent, and help you recover from, adrenal fatigue.  The calming effects of nature will help you lose weight and manage your stress hormones.  It can also make you stronger and improve your mental acuity.

Besides improving your quality of life, the outdoors provides you with Vitamin D, improves your sleep pattern, boost serotonin levels, and gets you moving and active.  One of the best benefits of nature is grounding.  This is absorbing some of the Earth’s electron’s and can have many positive benefits on your body and mind.

7 day challenge

For the reluctant camper, Victor gives you three great tips to help you “get more outdoorsy”.  The first is gentle exposure.  Don’t aim too big.  Allow yourself to ease into the camping experience.  The second is to find yourself an activity to center your outdoor experience around.  We choose hiking, surfing, and rock climbing.  The trick is to find what resonates with you and is exciting enough to offset a little discomfort.  Lastly, don’t compromise on whatever matters to you most.  Whether it’s showers, bugs, or air mattresses, pick your battle and leave one nonnegotiable. 

If you can’t get away or find more time off-grid, try these tips. 

  1. Walk on the beach or in the park. 
  2. Go barefoot. 
  3. Get on the ground and play with you kids, dog, or just get on the floor and stretch.
  4. Find hobbies that get you outside like gardening, surfing, hiking, or biking.

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