Nomads With A Purpose
Nomads With A Purpose

The Road Less Traveled Ebook


What if you escaped the grind with five kids in tow? Robyn shares what it’s been like to walk away from a conventional life filled with routine and responsibilities and, instead, spend her days seeking adventure and making memories with her husband and five kids. While chasing waves, climbing hundred foot rock walls, and wandering along mountainous trails was the driving force for her in escaping the grind, it isn’t so simple when it involves a significant other who is much more grounded and two young children who are less than excited to get up and hike every day.  This story is a reminder that the compromises we make in order to fulfill (or not fulfill) our soul’s desires aren’t easy and self-growth requires effort and persistence. If you set off to see if the grass is greener on the other side, be ready for some brown patches in between.



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