Raising Athletic Kids

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Give your kids an edge in athletics and in life.

Robyn and Victor believe gymnastics is the building block for raising athletic kids.  Gymnastics skills teach strength, agility, coordination, and will transfer over into any sport or activity your child grows to love.  This program is not about creating a world champion gymnast either.  It's about providing your kids with the skills and athleticism they need to live A Playful Life for rest of their lives.  If you don't know what A Playful Life is, click here.

Robyn and Victor have owned and operated a gymnastics facility for twenty years and have a vast knowledge of the effective ways to teach gymnastics skills.  More importantly they know how to teach kids tumbling and conditioning in a fun and entertaining way so that kids will love to exercise and learn body awareness without it feeling like a chore.

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This Course Is Perfect For Parents Who:

Are looking for a homeschool PE curriculum

Want help their child excel in their current gymnastics program

Want to raise their kids prepared to embrace any physical challenge as they grow up

Full Course Contents

Here's what you'll be getting when you buy Raising Athletic Kids.

  • A full curriculum guide to teach your child
  • 12 modules
  • 40+ instructional videos
  • A skills checklist
  • And mini homework lessons


Learn somersaults, backward rolls, and log rolls.  These rolls improve proprioception and coordination.

Cartwheels & Round-offs

Learn all the different forms of a cartwheel then progress to the powerful version of a cartwheels, round-offs, that will improve foot coordination and power.


Handstands and it's many variations will teach balance and upper body strength that can be carried over to many different sports.


Practice flexibility and mobility in the shoulders and spine while learning fun backbend skills that your child will be able to do anytime, anywhere.

Power Tumbling

Finally, your child can learn how to do powerful tumbling skills like front and back-handprings.  This power and strength will help your child in every activity they do.


Incorporate training to build body awareness and strength for your child so that they can learn skills above faster and with better technique.


Let your kids have fun along the way with these great game ideas.

Am I qualified to teach my child gymnastics?

You don't need to be.  We will teach you everything you need to know and answer any concerns you might have.

How Do I Know If This Program Is Good For Me?

If you want to see your child maximize his/her potential, this program will lay a foundation for all sports and give kids a physical and mental edge.

How Much Space/Equipment Do I Need?

You will only need a minimum of 5 x 10 feet of open space.  We have recommended equipment below depending on your budget however, most of the program can be done without any mats.

What Are The Benefits Of Having My Child Do This Program?

They will learn coordination through progressive tumbling skills, and develop proprioception, strength, and flexibility.


Recommended Equipment:

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