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Raising Healthy Kids

Raising Healthy Kids Title || Raise Your Kids To Be Strong in the Mind and Body

Victor gives you six tip on how to raise healthy kids.  We are fighting a force much bigger than ourselves when it comes to raising healthy kids.  But it’s a fight worth fighting.  Technology is great, but it often puts the wrong choices in front of us and makes them so easy that we forget to stop and question if it’s the right choice.  Technology may have changed, but the human body hasn’t.  

Kids need to feel a connection with their parents, they need exercise and a lot of it, and they need to be putting the right foods into their body so they have the mental and physical ability to achieve their dreams.  

Let’s reverse the statistics and create a generation of strong, energetic, capable humans who can make a difference in the world!

The first tip is to make an effort to play with your kids so that you create a relationship built around exercise and movement.  Our kids know that when they are grown and come home for Thanksgiving, they will be doing some sort of exercise before the meal.  It may be a hike, a run, a climb, a surf session, whatever, but they have grown up knowing that movement comes first before food, regardless of if it is a holiday or not.

The second tip for raising healthy kids is to motivate them in their own way.  Each child is different.  It’s important to figure out what makes them tick and be patient until you find that.  

The third tip for raising healthy kids is to limit screen time.  In today’s environment, it’s just too easy to dismiss your child and tell them to watch a show, play on your iPad, or use the computer.  It takes more effort to watch them play outside or take them to play, but it’s important.  Find ways to engage your children in your everyday chores and try not to encourage entertainment via a screen.

The fourth tip for raising healthy kids is to plan your meals.  Kids are always hungry and having healthy, whole foods ready to eat is important in creating healthy kids.  If you find your child constantly reaching for snacks, check out our Eat To Play course and start finding ways to integrate more whole foods into your regular routine.

The fifth tip for raising healthy kids is to clean out your pantry.   We are big believers in making the right choice the easy choice and if your pantry is full of easy choices that are unhealthy, then consider cleaning out your pantry and integrating more of the fourth tip to help fuel your kids with the right type of energy.  

The last tip for raising healthy kids is to be who you want your kids to be.  Your kids look up to you a lot.  Be the example that you want your kids to emulate.