Are you READY to LIVE

Find your "why" and get ready to see your dreams become reality.

Each of us have unique talents, insights, and a lot of potential, but sometimes our upbringing or past experiences have conditioned us to think it’s okay to settle, we don’t have to live our dream life, and that what works for the “norm” should be good enough for us.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough for me.  I couldn’t allow myself to be thinking in one manner and behaving in another.  There were so many things I wanted to do and experience, but so little time and money to do them, that I knew I would never be able to have it all (at least not in the foreseeable future).

There wasn’t enough time in my day to be the adventurous person I dreamed of being and also create the income I needed to have all the things in my life that I was taught I was supposed to have.  I needed to take the steps that I thought had to be taken to realize I didn’t need to take the steps to be happy.  In essence, I needed to have it all in order to see I didn’t need any of it.  I needed to see that there was a equally solid path hidden in the trees that would actually take me to an even better destination.

I love helping people change and grow.  

Not that you need to choose that path.  My Think To Play Course is about helping you figure out what path you are on and if that is the path you want to stay on.  Now, choosing a different path isn’t an overnight decision (although I almost wish it had been).  It took a lot sleepless nights, overcoming a lot of fear and self-doubt, and a ton of reflection on where exactly I wanted my new path to lead.

Hopefully you’ve read my book A Playful Life first, but if you haven’t that’s ok.  The book was geared a little more towards women, but this course can be for guys and girls.  I realized after I wrote it that a lot of the principles I talk about in the Think To Play chapters were something men struggled with just as much as women.

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What Do You Want The
Adjectives Of Your Life To Be?

We know we are better, more productive people when we eat right and exercise more, but even though we know this, we can’t make it happen.  Overwhelm and confusion get in the way.  The best way to fight back is by increasing our desire.  When we know exactly where we are trying to go, what we specifically want, and exactly how we want to feel, it’s much easier to break down overwhelm into manageable steps and eliminate confusion by finding specific answers and systems we can apply to our lives.

It’s about feeling productive and contributing to the world in a way that aligns with your talents and wiring.

The most important step to change (or growth or whatever you want to call it) is figuring out your “why”.  The root of your deep burning desire for more in life.  I’ve found that if you have a strong relationship with your “why”, it will trickle down into creating more happiness in other parts of your life.

You could be wanting to travel more, to lose weight, to get stronger, to live closer to the ocean, to have more time to play sports, to spend more time with your kids, to change careers, to learn new skills, to drive a different car, a better house, different clothes.  Whatever it is, your success will be highly dependent on having a clearly defined reason (or “why”) for wanting it.

It’s not about sitting on a beach drinking mat tais all day!

Sounds easy, but life’s demands rarely leave room for us to consider if we have a choice, let alone why we want to do the things we we wish we had the nerve to go for.  Our rational brain is quick to jump in and tell us… You need money to live and have responsibilities to answer to, you don’t have the luxury to live in this Imaginary Dream Land where you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

For Victor and I, it has been a rocky road making this transition from doing what we thought was the right thing because it was what we were suppose to do, to going against the grain and creating an unconventional life.  Victor grew up with the mentality that you take whatever work you can get and you are grateful for food on the table.  Choice was never a part of that equation.  He wanted to provide for his family and would sacrifice whatever it took to do that.

It was always my questioning and overanalyzing personality that finally forced us to take a risk and see if there was more to life than just the cycle of hard work, fatigue, and hopefully, one day of recovery a week.  We wanted to not feel like we were just going through movements of our day, justifying that this was how it was suppose to be and wondering if there was something more.  Something we were missing.

The life we live today was not created instantaneously and in many ways it would‘ve been easier to just accept a life the way it was.  but we weren’t looking for the easy way out was not what we wanted.  We wanted fulfillment.  We wanted to know that even if the surf looked a little too big, we weren’t going to sit on the beach wondering what if.  Sure, some days we paddle and the waves knock us back to the beach, but for the most part, we get to sit at the peak on the outside, ready to take off on the first wave of the set.

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Why Do I Need A WHY?

I agree, it would be much easier to just eat more greens and workout more, but then your gains will be short lived.  I'm going to help you close the gap between what you want and what you are capable of doing.  In this course you will be using a variety of writing prompts and worksheets to identify your desires, develop new habits, and identify what obstacles are preventing you from being successful.  You will take your desires and set up actionable steps that will get deeper into your potential and experiment with all the possibilities you are capable of.

  • Get to the root of what brings you joy and makes you feel fulfilled.
  • Align your thoughts and intentions with your actions.
  • Develop a plan that will to prioritize yourself and achieve your goals.
  • Make strong, energetic, and happy the adjectives of your life!
  • Combine your nurture and nature into something EXTRAORDINARY!
  • Let every day be an expression of your true self.

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So how does the course work?  

For 30 days I'm going to take you through a series of exercises that will create different scenarios and questions in order for you to gain insight into who you are, what makes you happy, how you can feel fulfilled, what are your deepest desires, and how do you accomplish everything you truly want.

I will help you figure out the answers to the things that matter most to you.  Such as...

  • Where do you want to live?
  • How much money you want to make?
  • How can you make that money in a way that makes you excited to work?
  • What do you want to spend it on?
  • How much time do you want for self care?
  • What things rejuvenate you?
  • How can you challenge yourself more without letting overwhelm sneak back it?

The mind, body & spirit are all intertwined.

When Victor was deep in adrenal exhaustion there was no way he could even think about wants, desires, or choices.  It took all the strength he could muster to get  himself to work and do his job.  if you feel like you are just trying to survive through each day, how can you imagine something so intangible?  If you feel like brain fog doesn’t allow you to contemplate dreams, visions, choices, and “whys”.

If you are hurting, you need to stop the bleeding first and that’s part of the picture with creating Vic’s Coaching Series and our free nutrition ebook.  Things like your digestion, the type of exercise you choose, your stress level, your sleep patterns, your thoughts, your feelings, it’s all connected and the more progress you can make on one front, the easier it will be to make progress on the other fronts.

  • Do you FEEL BETTER when you eat right and exercise more, but life just keeps getting in the way?
  • Do you QUESTION THE PATH you are on, but just aren't sure where to start to begin carving a new path?
  • Do you know you are CAPABLE OF MORE, but can't seem to get organized enough to create a system you will stick with?
  • Sign up for Robyn's A PLAYFUL LIFE COURSE and make CONFUSION and SELF DOUBT a thing of your past!

Not sure if you're ready to dig deep, figure out your why,
and start making choices that align with your desires?

Start off with my “Find Your Why” Mini Course.  This 7 day course is going to help you create space in your mind and time in your day to start thinking about the choices you have and then figure out what choices you want to be able to create.   Better yet, start Vic's "Are You Ready" Challenge at the same time and see if you can get back to first treading water and then sign up for the full courses and start swimming towards your destination.

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