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Do you want to know what exercises will make you enjoy your life more?

Do you ever feel like escaping the grind and searching out new adventures?  Do you feel too old? Too busy?  It's too hard?  Too much work?  Too tired?  Too out of shape?  Don't just chalk it up to old age and settle for being "pretty good still"?  Well, we think you are better than that.  Actually, we know you are better than that!  And we bet, you know you are capable of MORE, but you just aren't sure HOW.


We want to teach you the systems we use so that you too can actually EXPERIENCE MORE with age!

Whether it's hiking Kilimanjaro, learning to rock climb, picking up surfing after a decade or more, or something as simple as taking your family on a road trip to the national parks.  This program has everything you need to maximize your physical capabilities with very little equipment or time needed.


We've created an easy-to-follow structured course that has 7 modules.  The best part is that you get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the worksheets, videos, downloads, and course bonuses!

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How Do I Know If Vic's Coaching Series Is A Good Fit For Me?

  • You are already ACTIVE and are looking to get an EDGE.
  • You used to be active in a SPORT and want to regain that ATHLETICISM.
  • You work really HARD, but still feel like something is MISSING.
  • You recognize there's a CONNECTION between physical performance and your enjoyment of life outside your sport.
  • You have DESIRE to work hard and take care of yourself,
  • You WANT to be the BEST version of yourself possible.
  • You're READY for the complete package- to look good, feel good, and perform good- not just to be good "for your age".

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Victor started working as a trainer while in his junior year at SDSU and he and his wife opened their own facility in 1997, while still in school. Victor and his wife Robyn have been involved in indoor cycling, fitness gymnastics for children, yoga, group personal training and one on one personal training.

Victor has been a strength and conditioning coach for over 20 years working with countless athletes and individuals of all walks of life. His hobbies include lifting weights, Brazilian jiu jitsu, surfing, climbing, hiking, running, and biking.  He loves you move and spend time with his family traveling and sharing experiences.

Victor Robledo
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Creator Vic's Coaching Series, Owner Island Tumble, Owner Genesis Fitness

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Here's What You Get . . .

  • Module 1: In Vic's CORE, Push/Pull, & Posterior Chain Series Videos, Victor coaches you through proper execution on the exercises that matter the most.
  • Module 2: You Get Vic's Healthy Joint Videos that will help you stay injury free and get rid of aches & pains.
  • Module 3: The Complete Puzzle takes everything you learned in Module 1 & 2 and puts it in an 8 week program that will help you REGAIN YOUR EDGE!
  • Module 4: You Get 8 Weeks of Primal Workouts that will enhance recovery and improve fitness level.
  • Module 5: You Get 8 Weeks of Nutrition Habits to help you learn proper nutrition for a lifetime.
  • Module 6: Gives Sport Specific instructions on ways you can tweak Vic's Coaching Series to give you an even stronger edge in your sport.
  • Module 7: Yoga for Athletes is a 60 minute restorative yoga practice that will enhance recovery even more!
  • Over 40 Effective & Time Efficient Workouts

    Learn which exercises get the best results and how to integrate them into a program that works!

  • Learn Proper Technique So You Get Better Results and Stay Injury Free

    I will teach you exactly how to execute each movement so that you learn to fire the right muscles, improve joint integrity, and get rid of aches and pains.

  • Be A Better Athlete & Do Your Hobbies Better

    By following the workouts laid out in the program, you will be leaner, stronger, more agile, and be able to be a more active participant in your life.

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If you catch yourself thinking,

"I love playing my sport and living an active life, but some days the aches and pains are catching up with me and would like to be thinking I can't believe how great I feel and how well my body performs each day!"


YES! I'm Ready to Start Training Smarter and Get Better RESULTS!Join Vic's Coaching Series

“I have been an avid rock climber for 12+ years when I met Victor. I had a nagging shoulder pain for over a year and it was negatively affecting my climbing ability. I had visited several other practitioners, (movement coaches, physical therapists, even an M.D.). Victor was very knowledgeable about the anatomy and the specific muscles causing my issue. He took the time to explain to me why it was most likely hurting. Then he custom designed a workout regimen that I could perform to fix my problem. He explained the exercises thoroughly and made certain that I was performing them correctly. My pain is gone and I am climbing as good as I was before the injury. I would recommend Victor to anyone with overuse injuries or simply looking to be a better athlete. He has an amazing ability to see the weaknesses and imbalances in an athlete and to take them to the next level.”

Caleb Lichtenberger, Rock Climber & Owner of Stoneman Climbing

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt and I just finished my 4th week of Victor's program. In this time, I have already seen obvious results in the mirror, on the scale, and most importantly on the mat. When I started the program I was weighing 194 lbs. Currently I am weighing in at 180 lbs and feeling healthier and stronger then ever. One great aspect I like about the program is that there are no meal plans. With a busy lifestyle and a young family, meal plans are almost impossible to keep up with. Instead the program implements “Eating Habits”, which make it easier to for you to take control and make better decisions on what to eat and what to stay away from. The strength/mobility part of the program has benefited me greatly, not only am I getting stronger but at the same time I’m getting more flexible too. And that is very important to me, especially for my Jiu Jitsu. If this is how great I’m feeling now, I can’t wait to see what results another 4 weeks on this program will bring.

David Guillent, Black Belt & Professor in Jiu Jitsu
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