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Moms Want To Have Fun Too!

What is A Playful Life Title

I love trifecta days.  I jump out of bed excited for trifecta days! Those are the days when I get to do three sports in one day.  Sometimes my trifecta days involve surfing with my daughter, running with my husband, and then going to yoga all by myself.  Some days my trifecta involves all my kids going rock climbing with me after an early morning bike ride alone with just my thoughts and the early morning sunshine.  Then followed by a walk on the beach at sunset. I love bonding with my family while we play together, but I also enjoy my hour of alone time.  I know I need the separation to refuel myself.  What gets you to jump out of bed and excited to start your day?

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A Playful Life is knowing what will make you happy and fulfilled, but most importantly, having the physical capability to make it happen. It’s moving from I have to … to I want to … to I get to.  It’s creating a life where effort and reward overlap.  The fluid movement of work to play.  

A Playful Life is about creating balance in everyday life. It’s living for more than just Friday night.

The life my family happens to live was our natural progression to creating A Playful Life. Yours can be scripted completely different. However, A Playful Life always prioritizes movement. A Playful Life is defined by a higher energy and vibration that creates a feeling of lightness. Moving through your day at a frequency that is fueled by knowing your desires, having a plan to accomplish them, and actually following through on a regular basis. Instead of thinking in terms of I work forty hours a week, x weeks of the year, in order to spend one week a year in a tropical paradise, you make every day equal parts sacrifice and enjoyment.

A Playful Life uses the power of choice to redefine expectations and priorities. It’s a simple transition from passion to vision to action with an air of confidence, not arrogance. It’s not that your life is better or worse than others. It’s that your life aligns with your values and you find ways to filter through the conditioned response and excuses.

But that is just the Think To Play. A Playful Life requires three forces equally working together: your mind, your movement, and most importantly, what you are putting in your body. As Doc Paskowitz puts it, “Health is a superior state of being,” and, “We die when we stop living.” So stop and ask yourself, 

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You don’t have to surf or climb or hike like we do, but I guarantee when you do those things, you know you are alive. Find activities that help you escape the robotic or mundane movements that a life built around routine and responsibility tends to create. Going to the gym or doing cardio are  important parts of A Playful Life. You do have to Move to Play.  Strength training and cardiovascular fitness are required to play.  But A Playful Life uses these as a means to an end, not the big picture. When you start combining sports with workouts, you have a recipe for shaping your body like nothing you have ever experienced. The best part, when you start living A Playful Life, diets become a thing of the past.

A Playful Life is certainly about putting the right foods into your body, but it’s never about calorie restriction or diet fads. Eat to Play is all about consuming nutrient-dense foods from good sources. Meaning, food grown or raised the way they were intended to. Nothing symbolizes our families playful life more than seeing us sit down to dinner every night. Wine, cheese, olives, bread, butter, meat, salads, veggies, chocolate. It’s all there. Every night. Food is not the enemy. Create a lifestyle of play and wellness and you will never feel guilt while eating again.

Never think A Playful Life requires skill. Our days revolve around climbing and surfing, but we aren’t even that good. It may take overcoming some fears or some exposure therapy. It definitely requires digging deeper into your own desires and goals too. The great thing is, this is all within your reach. Anyone can choose to fully live their own life. Let your zest for life define your days so at the end you can say you saw, experienced, loved, enjoyed, smelled, and touched everything that sparked your interest and curiosity. You lived A Playful Life.

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